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Destination Management Company (DMC) in Morocco

Morkosh Tours is an Inbound Tour Operator and Destination Management Company (DMC) in Morocco. We work with top companies around the world, creating high-quality travel experiences. We build strong partnerships with selected travel companies globally, whether they contact us or we meet them at travel events.

Here is how Morkosh Tours operates as a DMC in Morocco. We have policies to protect our relationships with local partners, including accommodations, staff, drivers, and guides, while meeting our clients’ diverse needs.

Note: Travel is affected by the global pandemic. We are developing tools and procedures to remain reliable and flexible. Read about our response to Covid-19 and contact us if you have any questions.

Demographics, Tour Languages, and Trip Styles

As a DMC based in Morocco, we adapt to the needs of our travel partners worldwide. We work with companies in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, and Brazil. Our trips are private and customized for couples, small groups, and set-date group departures. Tours are mainly in English, but we also offer tours in French and Arabic, with some drivers speaking Spanish.

We offer various trip styles and can adjust to your travelers’ preferences. Our trips are mid-range (3/4-star) to upper-middle range (4-star deluxe). Luxury (5-star) options are available, though true luxury experiences may be limited in Morocco.

All our trips are cultural and experiential. We can tailor trips for interests such as food, photography, adventure, trekking, gardens, Moroccan Jewish culture, rafting, or biking.

Please contact us to discuss your company’s style and needs. We aim to meet your expectations, but if we are not a good fit, we may decide not to pursue a collaboration.

We avoid common issues like forced shopping and vendor hassling by training and compensating our drivers, guides, and staff well. This might increase upfront costs, but ensures a high-value experience, leading to positive feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Group Size

We believe smaller groups provide a better experience. Our trips typically cater to 2 to 12 travelers, offering intimate and sustainable travel experiences. We prefer groups of 4 to 6 client rooms and one private room for the tour leader. For larger groups or student groups, please contact us to discuss options.

Single Supplement & Twin Room Requests

Boutique accommodations in Morocco do not offer reduced rates for single occupants. Single supplements can be up to 40% of the trip cost. We recommend limiting single supplements to one or two per group. Twin rooms are also limited, so please restrict twin-room requests to no more than two per group.

Tour Escort/Leader Traveling for Free (FOC)

For groups of 8 or more adults, we offer a tour leader/escort to travel free of charge (FOC) if they stay in at least four client rooms. Otherwise, the tour escort/leader’s cost will be shared among group members. Children aged 10 and above are considered adults.

Timing, Terms, and Conditions

To meet our partners’ needs, we have developed clear guidelines. Please read and let us know if you need to discuss any points. These guidelines mainly apply to group departures with set travel dates, not custom trips.

Deposits: For new partnerships, we request a deposit of $479 per person. Established partners may no longer need to pay deposits. Luxury or upper-level accommodations may require larger deposits.

Final Payments: Final payments are due 30 days before the trip starts. Payments can be made via bank wire transfer or Paypal in USD, Euro, or GBP. Credit card payments may incur extra charges.

Currency: We quote prices in USD but can provide quotes in other currencies upon request. Significant currency changes may affect quoted prices.

Trip Viability: Trips should be designed and advertised six months or more in advance. At six months, we assess trip viability and may release unused rooms. Final numbers are required three months before the trip start date.

NET Rates

We offer NET rates to our partners, leaving the markup to your discretion. Our rates may be higher due to better compensation for our team, ensuring high-quality service.

Guides, Drivers, and Coordinators

Our drivers are essential, acting as cultural guides and troubleshooters. They work with certified guides and coordinators to provide an immersive experience.


We use Mercedes Vito Minivans for 2-5 adults and minibuses for 6-12 adults. We cannot accommodate requests for extra seats unless group size permits.

Entrance Fees

Entrance fees are not included. We recommend charging clients around $30 USD per traveler for entrance fees, managed by the tour escort/leader.

Branding, Education, and RECCE & FAM Trips

We provide brand-free informational materials and support educational trips for staff. We offer RECCE or FAM trips at cost for potential partners to explore Morocco and meet our team.

Ground Operator Recognition, Conflict of Interest, and Competition

We do not advertise our name to clients. We do not knowingly work with competitors of our partners. If you have concerns, please let us know.

Corporate Clients and Events

We are not focused on corporate clients or event handling at this time.

This simplified guide explains how Morkosh Tours operates and what we offer. If you have any questions or need more details, please contact us!

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