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Welcome to our Best free walking tour Marrakech. Morkosh Tours company is the first and the only company offering ‘name your own price’ Marrakech free walking tour. We provide a platform for local, licensed, freelance tour guides to lead walking city tours at no upfront cost and no solicitation, so that you may enjoy a worry free quality sightseeing experience.

We’re offering a new and affordable way of Marrakech sightseeing the Best free walking tour Marrakech English. We all know that touring and traveling can be expensive, so we provide you with the ability to take a tour at any budget level, as well as deciding after the fact you think the tour was worth.
Why not discovering Marrakech with some of the best city’s licensed guides? in Free Walking Tour Marrakesh.

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Free Walking Tour Marrakesh Itinerary

Come along on our interesting and informative sightseeing tour and allow us to take you thru many of Marrakech’s legendary monuments and neighborhoods. in an exceedingly 3 hour walk, we cover 900 years of history and culture. 

Showing you a great many highlights and hidden secrets of Marrakech, supplying you with an understanding of how Marrakech became the town it’s today. And while walking, you may get the texture of Moroccan tolerance and Marrakech diversity. Discover Marrakech’s history and culture, with professional licensed guides and learn the city’s story, locals’ way of life, traditions, food, and customs.

Sign up for our Best free walking tour of Marrakech and join one of Medina’s fun and informative tours. Let us take you through the many legendary monuments and neighborhoods of Marrakech. 

In this 3-hour walking tour, we go through 1000 years of history and culture. We will be sure to show you many of the highlights and hidden secrets of Marrakech, allowing you to understand how Marrakech became the red city it is today. And while walking, you will feel the Moroccan coexistence and the diversity of Marrakech. 

Explore the history and culture of Marrakech, with a licensed professional guide, and learn about the history, daily life, traditions, food, and customs of the city’s locals.

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Free Tour Marrakech the Red City :

Marrakesh or the Red City is one of the cities in Morocco, which is classified as the third-largest city in Morocco in terms of population density, and the fourth largest city in terms of area. The city is full of shops that attract tourists and is also famous for its beautiful gardens, large mosques, and historical buildings with an ancient Andalusian character.

  • Koutoubia Mosque: It is one of the largest mosques in Marrakesh, located in the southwest of the city. Red bricks were used in the construction of this mosque, and the length of the mosque with the minaret is eighty meters and sixty meters in width.
  • Ben Youssef Mosque: This mosque is famous for the green stones from which the minaret was built, and it is the oldest mosque in the city. This mosque was built in the twelfth century by the order of Sultan Ali bin Yusuf. It was previously one of the largest mosques in Morocco but is now half the size after being destroyed.
  • Marrakesh Museum: This museum is located in the heart of the city in a palace, which has a beautiful Andalusian character full of decorations, built by Mehdi Minbehvi in the nineteenth century, and restored by the Omar Ben Jillon Foundation and turned into a museum, and it now contains the ancient and contemporary monuments of the city. * Dar Si Sid Museum: Also known as the Museum of Moroccan Arts, it is one of the most important museums that contain ancient jewelry, hand-made carpets, pottery products, and leather works known in the city. The Museum of Islamic Arts: It is a large blue building, located in the middle of the Majorelle Gardens, and contains small exhibitions containing various Islamic arts, including jewelry, decorative dishes, and ancient doors.
  • Handicrafts: The city of Marrakesh is famous for its handicrafts, from the simplest hand-woven fabric and ceramic decoration.
  • The city is surrounded by orange, lemon, and olive trees, which are one of the most important components of Moroccan cuisine, in addition to Ras El Hanout spices, which are seven types of spices mixed together to add distinctive flavors to food. The city is famous for its different types of tagines with different vegetables and meat. Moroccan tea is one of the most important drinks offered to Moroccan families, and it is very popular with tourists.