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12 Days Tour from Casablanca

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12 Days
Whole Morocco

12 Days Tour from Casablanca



If you’re on the hunt for an exhilarating and all-encompassing method to truly soak in the wonders of Morocco, search no more. Our extraordinary 12-day expedition starting from Casablanca and culminating in the heart of Marrakech is tailored perfectly to satiate your thirst for adventure. Prepare yourself to delve into a realm where iconic sights and lesser-known treasures await your discovery. Brace yourself for an encounter with the enchantment of Morocco that will etch its memory into your heart. Allow us the honor of guiding you through a passage infused with vibrant culture, adorned with breathtaking landscapes, and woven with the tapestry of a profoundly rich history of this exquisite nation.

Price Includes

  • Luxury Accommodation in Traditional Riads, Kasbahs & Desert Camp
  • Pickup & drop off
  • Monument and Sight Entrance Fees
  • Camel ride in Sahara desert

Price Excludes

  • Personnal Expenses
  • Tipping

What to Expect on this 12-Day Moroccan Adventure:

Embark on a captivating journey through Morocco’s diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture during this 12-day tour. From the bustling streets of Casablanca to the windswept shores of Essaouira, each day will be a new chapter in your Moroccan adventure.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • Immersive Cultural Exploration: Discover the heart and soul of Morocco as you explore its iconic cities, ancient medinas, and historical sites. Engage with locals, witness traditional craftsmanship, and savor authentic Moroccan cuisine.

  • Saharan Adventure: Experience the magic of the desert with a camel trek through the majestic sand dunes of Merzouga. Spend a night under the stars in a luxurious desert camp, where stories, music, and a sense of wonder come alive.

  • Architectural Marvels: Marvel at Morocco’s architectural wonders, from the intricate details of Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca to the labyrinthine streets of Fes Medina. Explore grand kasbahs, splendid palaces, and the mesmerizing blue-painted buildings of Chefchaouen.

  • Historical Richness: Uncover Morocco’s fascinating history through visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Ait Benhaddou and the Saadian Tombs. Walk in the footsteps of emperors, traders, and artists who have shaped the country’s past.

  • Local Encounters: Engage with diverse communities, from the Gnawa musicians of Essaouira to the Berber families who share their traditions and stories. Experience the warmth of Moroccan hospitality firsthand.

  • Natural Beauty: Traverse the dramatic landscapes of the Atlas Mountains, the sprawling Argane forest, and the picturesque Draa Valley. Be enchanted by the lush gardens of Marrakech and the breathtaking vistas of the Sahara.

  • Guided Exploration: Benefit from the expertise of local guides who bring history to life, offer insights into culture, and provide a deeper understanding of each destination.

  • Serene Relaxation: Enjoy moments of tranquility in Essaouira, a coastal gem where you can unwind by the beach, stroll through Medina streets, and admire the beauty of this windswept city.

This 12-day journey promises an unforgettable immersion into the colors, sounds, and stories of Morocco. From the Sahara’s golden sands to the azure hues of coastal Essaouira, you’ll experience the essence of this enchanting land, all while being guided by experts and surrounded by the warmth of Moroccan hospitality. Get ready to create memories that will linger long after your journey ends.


Day 1 -The adventure begins on Day 1 of your mesmerising 12-day Moroccan journey

As you touch down in Casablanca, a sense of anticipation fills the air. The first highlight awaiting you is none other than the majestic Hassan II Mosque. Its grandeur and beauty stand as a testament to human craftsmanship and devotion. The intricate designs that adorn its walls and the architectural marvels that grace its structure will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

Stepping into the embrace of this magnificent mosque, you’re not just entering a place of worship; you’re immersing yourself in a piece of living history. The stories woven into its walls and the echoes of prayers offered here over time make it a treasure trove of Moroccan culture.

With every step you take within its hallowed halls, you’ll uncover the layers of its significance and the role it plays in the hearts of the Moroccan people. After this soul-stirring exploration, we’ll head to our haven for the night, where a hearty welcome dinner awaits. The flavors of Moroccan cuisine will not only tantalize your taste buds but also serve as a delightful initiation into the culinary wonders this journey has in store. Day 1 sets the tone for the days to come – a blend of awe, discovery, and the warmth of Moroccan hospitality.

Day 2 -Rabat and Chellah Necropolis - Chefchaouen and the Blue City.

We’ll set our course for Rabat, the capital city, where the fusion of history and modernity dances harmoniously. As we venture into the heart of the city, the Kasbah of the Udayas emerges before us like a scene from a dream – a fortress perched proudly above the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Its time-worn walls echo with stories of ages past, and as you stand there, you can almost feel the whispers of history carried on the ocean breeze.

But our exploration doesn’t halt there. The Chellah Necropolis awaits, a place where time has woven layers upon layers of history. This burial ground, once embraced by both Roman and Islamic civilizations, now stands as a testament to the passage of time. Its gardens bloom with life, and its architecture stands as an embodiment of the cultures that have intertwined on this land.

Leaving Rabat behind, our next destination beckons with a hue unlike any other. Welcome to Chefchaouen, affectionately known as the Blue City. As you step onto its cobblestone streets, a symphony of blue-painted buildings envelops you. Each corner turned reveals a new shade, a new angle, a new perspective that delights the eyes and stirs the soul. This town isn’t just a place; it’s an experience, a journey into a canvas where every brushstroke is a blue stroke of magic.

The Kasbah Museum stands as a guardian of tales – stories that whisper through time, tales of a region steeped in history and culture. Immerse yourself in its exhibits, and let the essence of the place seep into your being.

Day 2 is an immersion in the soul of Morocco – a chapter where the past and present converge, where the blue-hued streets mirror the vastness of the ocean, and where history’s threads weave a tapestry of memories.

Day 3 -Journey through History - Volubilis, Meknes, and Fez

As the sun rises on Day 3, we bid a fond farewell to the enchanting Blue City of Chefchaouen and set our compass southward, toward a realm steeped in ancient tales. Our first destination is the mesmerizing site of Volubilis, where the echoes of the past resound through time. Among the important Roman remnants scattered across the Maghreb and North Africa, Volubilis holds a special place, a tapestry woven with the threads of the first two centuries AD. As we walk through the stone pathways, we’ll encounter Roman marvels that have stood the test of time – the grandeur of the public square, the triumphal arch standing tall, and the venerable ancient Roman court. Each stone whispers stories of a bygone era, and with every step, we tread upon history itself.

From the echoes of Volubilis, we journey on to Meknes, one of Morocco’s Imperial Cities. While often overshadowed by its more tourist-frequented siblings, Meknes possesses a regal allure that is waiting to be discovered. Crafted by the vision of Alawi king Moulay Ismail in the late seventeenth century, it was meant to mirror European capitals, drawing parallels to the splendor of French Versailles. The city, in all its architectural grandeur, was destined to be the heart of his kingdom. However, the sands of time shifted, and Meknes eventually relinquished its political significance in the eighteenth century, yielding the throne of power to Fez.

In Meknes, our journey will lead us to the water reservoir of Heri Essouani – a testament to the marvels of engineering from centuries past. The Gate of Bab Mansour stands as a majestic entryway, guarding the secrets of history within its stone façade. And in Lehdim Square, the pulse of Meknes reverberates, connecting past and present.

Our day’s voyage culminates in the embrace of Fes Medina, where we will find our rest. The labyrinthine alleys and the ancient aura of the medina promise an evening of immersion in the stories that have shaped this city over centuries.

Day 3 carries us through a tapestry woven with threads of antiquity – a journey through the ages, from the majesty of Rome’s influence to the aspirations of Moroccan kings, all converging in a landscape that breathes life into history’s whispers.

Day 4 -Unveiling the Treasures - Guided Exploration of Fez Medina

As the sun casts its gentle rays upon another promising day, you’ll begin with a hearty breakfast that fuels not just your body but your excitement for the journey ahead. Soon, your trusty tour guide, a beacon of local knowledge and enthusiasm, will greet you at your Riad, setting the tone for the day’s adventure.

With spirits high, we step into the heart of the matter – the enchanting labyrinth that is the Medina of Fez. This living tapestry of history, culture, and tradition is ready to unfold its secrets before us.

The roots of this city extend back through the pages of time to the close of the eighth century AD. It was in 789 AD that the city first breathed life on the banks of Wadi Fez, nestled within the embrace of the Andalusian neighborhood. As you navigate its intricate streets, it’s awe-inspiring to think about the centuries that have woven the fabric of this place.

Prepare for a revelation – the Medina boasts a staggering nine thousand streets and alleyways! Yet, fear not, for your guide, a true native of Fes, knows the city like the back of their hand. They will usher you into the most cherished corners, unveiling the Medina’s most precious and storied parts.

Our journey through time and tradition takes us to a royal encounter – the King’s Palace. From there, the path leads to the Mellah Jewish Quarter, where echoes of diverse histories intertwine. Next, the Ceramic Complex welcomes us with a kaleidoscope of colors, each piece a testament to the mastery of local artisans.

The Koranic School Mederssa Bou Inania stands as a sublime blend of architecture and spirituality, a space where whispers of devotion are etched into the walls. Fondouk Nejjarine, a former caravanserai, regales us with tales of trade and commerce that once thrived here.

And then, the tanneries, a symphony of hues and aromas, offer an immersion into an age-old craft that still thrives. Lastly, the various craft souks come alive with the chatter of traders and the allure of unique treasures.

As the day reaches its conclusion, your heart will be filled with the stories of Fez, the tales of its streets, and the memories you’ve woven. Each step, each sight, will be a brushstroke in the masterpiece that is your journey through Fez Medina.

Day 4 is a symphony of exploration, an orchestration of experiences, and an ode to the living history of Fez – a city that opens its doors and its soul to those who seek its enchantment.

Day 5 -Journey to the Desert's Edge - From Fez to Merzouga

With the sun casting its warm glow, Day 5 unfolds as a promise of new landscapes and adventures. As the clock strikes 8 in the morning, we bid farewell to Fez, setting our compass for the horizon. Our journey unveils a series of captivating vistas and cultural encounters that will etch memories into our hearts.

Our first pause is Ifrane, an alpine retreat harkening back to the colonial era when the French built it in 1929. As you step onto its streets, a touch of déjà vu may dance in your senses – you could almost believe you’re wandering through the Swiss Alps. The landscape is adorned with apricot, walnut, and plum trees, offering a symphony of colors as we proceed.

Drawing closer to Midelt, rural life in the Berber region graces our vision, painting a picturesque tableau of everyday existence in this beautiful land. Hours glide by as we journey through the Middle Atlas Mountains, each twist and turn unveiling new layers of the Moroccan countryside.

Our path leads us to Erfoud, a place that holds the crown of Morocco’s prime date-growing region. The air carries a palpable shift as we inch closer to the threshold of the Sahara. The transformation in the scenery is undeniable, a prelude to the grandeur that awaits.

As the sun sets on this day’s expedition, our destination emerges – Merzouga. A Kasbah hotel stands in anticipation, facing the undulating sand dunes that mark the edge of the desert. This is where our spirits find rest for the night, beneath a star-studded sky that whispers secrets of the Saharan expanse.

Day 5 is a passage through changing landscapes, a journey that bridges mountains and sand, and an invitation to witness the nuanced beauty of Morocco’s diverse geography. The symphony of colors, scents, and sights is orchestrated to leave an indelible mark on your adventure-soaked soul.

day 6 -Embrace of the Desert - 4x4 Adventure, Camel Trek, and Luxury Camp

Awakening in the heart of the desert, Day 6 heralds a day filled with extraordinary experiences, a canvas painted with the hues of Morocco’s mystical sand dunes.

The morning unfolds with an exploration that takes us beyond the dunes, unveiling hidden gems along the way. Our first stop is the Slave’s Village of Khamlia, where the pulse of local life beckons us. Here, the soul-stirring strains of Gnaoua music fill the air, a cultural symphony that resonates through the ages. As you soak in the melodies, a cup of refreshing mint tea will be offered, extending the warmth of Moroccan hospitality.

The journey continues to the Kohl mine near Mephis village, where a glimpse into an age-old craft awaits. Lunchtime finds us amidst the embrace of a Nomad family, where the flavors of local Berber Pizza (Madfouna) are served, a culinary journey into tradition and taste.

Returning to our oasis, the afternoon offers a blend of leisure and awe. The pool beckons for a refreshing dip, while the magnificent views and the desert’s enchanting atmosphere invite contemplation.

As the sun begins its descent, a meeting with our desert companions awaits – camels. With every stride, these gentle creatures carry us on a 1-hour trek or a 20-minute 4×4 ride, venturing deep into the heart of the dunes. The rhythm of their footsteps sets the tone as we ascend to witness a Saharan sunset, a spectacle that paints the sky with hues of fire and gold.

Nestled within Erg Chebbi, the Luxury Desert Camp stands as a testament to desert opulence. Welcomed by the warmth of a cup of mint tea, the evening envelops us in its embrace. Under the twinkling stars, beside the flickering campfire crafted by local Touareg hands, stories are shared, laughter resonates, and the rhythmic beat of drums fills the air.

As night blankets the desert, rest awaits in the luxurious confines of a private double or triple tent, complete with the comforts of home. A private toilet and shower ensure your convenience, while the tranquil desert night sets the stage for dreams as vivid as the starlit sky.

Day 6 weaves a tapestry of desert enchantment – a blend of adventure, tradition, and luxury beneath the vast expanse of the Saharan sky.

Day 7 -From Desert Sands to Enigmatic Valleys - Merzouga to Ouarzazate

Day 7 unfolds with a sunrise that graces the desert with its golden touch, casting a warm glow upon our journey’s continuation. After partaking in a hearty Berber buffet breakfast, we set forth on a path that takes us through diverse landscapes and the captivating tales they hold.

Our expedition winds through the Draa Valley, a realm of splendor that stretches like a ribbon, cradled between the fingers of the Low Atlas Mountains. The beauty of the Draa Valley isn’t just in its lush oases and picturesque villages, but in the realization that Morocco’s historical feats unfolded amidst these very landscapes. The Almoravids’ march to conquer lands, the Saadians’ grip on the sugar trade – these ambitions were woven through gorges, mud-brick watchtowers, and fiercely independent oases. This land carries the whispers of their struggles and triumphs.

As our journey progresses, we cross the Ait Sawen pass, a gateway over the Low Atlas Mountains. With every ascent, the panorama shifts, unveiling new vistas that captivate the senses. It’s as if the land itself whispers tales of intrepid adventurers who once tread these very paths.

And then, like a chapter unfolding in a novel, our path leads us to Ouarzazate. This city stands as a bridge between history and modernity, a realm where ancient tales meet contemporary aspirations. Our haven for the night awaits, a guest house where the allure of Moroccan hospitality wraps around you like a warm embrace. As the evening settles in, dinner is savored, and the night takes us into its arms.

Day 7 carries us from the desert’s embrace through enigmatic valleys, stitching together tales of courage, conquest, and the quiet resilience of the land itself. The journey may be physical, but its essence is woven with stories that resonate through time.

Day 8 -Epic Journey through Cinema Dreams and Historical Fortresses - Ouarzazate to Marrakech

Day 8 greets us with the promise of cinematic wonders and historical marvels as we set forth from Ouarzazate. Breakfast at the Riad prepares us for a day brimming with adventure.

Our first stop is the renowned Cinema Studios in Ouarzazate, often referred to as ‘Ouallywood.’ These studios stand as a testimony to Morocco’s versatility as a backdrop for a myriad of film settings. From Tibet to Ancient Rome, from Somalia to Egypt, the studios have transformed into realms of imagination, capturing tales from across the ages.

Next on our itinerary is the legendary Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that seems to have emerged from the tales spun by movies like Gladiator, Alexander, and Lawrence of Arabia. The very walls of this fortress echo with the presence of cinema’s most iconic characters. Perched on the mountainside, the Kasbah’s adobe houses weave intricate patterns of light and shadow, and its cobbled paths create a labyrinth that beckons exploration. As you ascend to the granary at the pinnacle, the vistas that unfold are a reward for the climb, painting the surroundings with breathtaking beauty.

From Ait Benhaddou, we venture into the Unila Valley, a route that takes us through winding roads and landscapes that defy description. Our destination is Telouet, a place where history and opulence entwine. Once the residence of the “Lord of the Atlas,” Pasha el Glaoui, Telouet is a testament to an era of grandeur. Courts, stables, and even a mosque were housed within its walls. The contrast between its decadent interior and the abandoned exterior is a tale in itself, inviting us to unravel the layers of the past.

The day’s journey then leads us back across the High Atlas, a route carved through mountains by the French Foreign Army. Zigzagging through valleys and peaks, the road becomes a testament to human engineering amidst nature’s grandeur.

As the sun sets, the journey concludes in the vibrant embrace of Marrakech, where the echoes of the day’s tales and sights linger in the air. Day 8 is a tapestry woven with threads of cinematic enchantment and historical intrigue – a journey through time and imagination that mirrors the magic of Morocco itself.

Day 9 -Immerse in the Vibrant Heart - Guided Exploration of Marrakech

Day 9 welcomes us with the promise of delving into the vibrant heart of Marrakech, a city that stands as a testament to Morocco’s rich tapestry of cultures, history, and charm. As the sun rises, a full-day sightseeing adventure unfolds, revealing the myriad facets that make Marrakech a jewel in the crown of the South.

Our exploration of this ‘Pearl of the South’ commences with a guided tour, a dance of discovery led by your knowledgeable driver and our expert local guide. Together, we unravel the tapestry of Marrakech’s treasures, each corner holding a tale waiting to be shared.

Djemaa El Fna, the main square, is a pulsating hub of activity. Its allure isn’t solely derived from its stunning architecture but also from the constant flow of showbiz celebrities who’ve found a slice of home here. The square is a microcosm of Marrakech’s allure – a place where diverse worlds intersect, a crossroads of stories and cultures.

Marrakech stands as a smaller yet more famous counterpart to Fes, its fame earned through a demographic tapestry that defies boundaries. Arabs, Europeans, Berbers, Touaregs from the Sahara’s north, and Black Africans, their ancestry intertwined with the Sultan’s court, have all left their mark on this city. A meeting point for caravans from all corners of Africa, Marrakech’s gates have welcomed the world.

Throughout the day, we encounter highlights that paint Marrakech’s essence. The Bahia Palace stands as a tribute to beauty and craftsmanship, while the Koranic School Ben Yussef whispers the teachings of centuries past. The Souks, a labyrinthine marketplace, beckon with their vibrant colors and the melody of bartering.

Saadian Tombs are a testament to the city’s historical depth, their architecture echoing tales of times long gone. The legendary Hotel Mamounia stands as a beacon of luxury, welcoming visitors with its timeless charm. And the Majorelle Gardens, once cradled by the hands of Yves Saint Laurent, offer an oasis of serenity amidst the city’s vibrant pulse.

Day 9 isn’t just a sightseeing tour; it’s an immersion into the soul of Marrakech. It’s a day of stories exchanged, of cultures woven together, and of the city’s heart laid bare for you to explore.

Day 10 & 11 -Essence of Essaouira - Unveiling Windswept Charm

As the sun rises over the 10th day of your journey, a new chapter unfolds – one that takes you to the coastal haven of Essaouira. This city, dubbed the “land of love and coexistence,” holds within its walls a tale that resonates with history, culture, and the whispers of the wind.

Essaouira, once known as Mogador due to its Portuguese heritage in the fifteenth century, wears its past proudly as it stands at the crossroads of trade, tales, and diverse influences.

The journey from Marrakech to Essaouira is a passage of transition, a two-hour drive that traverses the Largest Argane Forest Worldwide. This journey isn’t just about distance, but about embracing opportunities along the way. A visit to one of the Women Argan Oil Cooperatives is a chance to witness the magic of traditional craftsmanship and learn about the valuable resource that is Argan oil.

Arriving in Essaouira, you step into a city that has been a harbor of significance for centuries. Gold, precious wood, sugar, and the stories of slaves have flowed through its streets and left their imprints on its soul. The rhythms of Gnawa, a musical tradition inherited from African slaves, continue to echo through its lanes.

Essaouira isn’t just a city; it’s an experience that invites you to wander the labyrinthine Medina or stroll along the sandy shores of its beaches. Here, the crafts and activities paint a picture of a town that thrives in harmony with its history.

The charm of Essaouira lies in its authenticity. Unlike some tourist-centric places, this town remains a hub of activity, where fishermen mend nets and boatbuilders work as they have for generations. The streets are imbued with a sense of timeless continuity, where the legacy of past lives is interwoven with the present.

As the sun arcs across the sky on the 11th day, consider visiting the Skalas, the sea bastions that stand as sentinels of history. Skala de la Ville and Skala du Port, adorned with 18th-century European brass cannons, offer a window into the city’s maritime past.

Days 10 and 11 invite you to step into the windswept embrace of Essaouira – a city where the whispers of history harmonize with the soothing rhythms of the sea. It’s a place where time stands still, and the echoes of centuries past still resonate in the vibrant present.



Day 12 -Farewell and Departure from Casablanca

As your extraordinary journey nears its end, Day 10 bids us farewell with a bittersweet note. The memories, stories, and experiences woven over the past 12 days have painted a vibrant tapestry of Morocco’s beauty and charm.

Our final adventure begins with a 4-hour journey from the windswept haven of Essaouira to the bustling embrace of Mohamed V Casablanca Airport. The road carries us through the changing landscapes, a reflection of the varied chapters that have composed your Moroccan odyssey.

Depending on the timing of your outbound flight, you might find yourself spending a night in Casablanca. This vibrant city, with its fusion of tradition and modernity, offers a final opportunity to soak in Morocco’s essence before bidding it adieu.

As we part ways, we sincerely hope that this 12-day journey has been a source of joy, wonder, and unforgettable moments. From the historic streets of Casablanca to the Saharan dunes, from the vibrant markets of Marrakech to the windswept shores of Essaouira – every step has been a brushstroke in the canvas of your Moroccan adventure.

Thank you for choosing to embark on this journey with us. As you depart, may the memories and the magic of Morocco linger in your heart, reminding you of the beautiful moments shared on this 12-day tour from Casablanca. Safe travels and until we meet again!



What cities are covered in this tour?

The tour takes you through Casablanca, Marrakech, Chefchaouen, Fez, Merzouga, Ouarzazate, and Essaouira.

Is accommodation included in the package?

Yes, accommodation in carefully selected hotels, riads, and luxury desert camps is included in the tour.

Are entrance fees covered for the attractions?

Yes, entrance fees to mentioned attractions, historical sites, and guided tours are included in the package.

Can dietary preferences or restrictions be accommodated?

Yes, we strive to cater to dietary preferences or restrictions. Please inform us in advance, so we can make suitable arrangements.

What is the suggested clothing for the desert camping and camel trekking?

Comfortable and modest clothing is recommended. Layers are advisable for the desert climate, and a headscarf and sunglasses are useful for sun protection.

How physically demanding is the tour?

The tour involves some walking and exploration of historical sites. While not extremely strenuous, a moderate level of physical fitness is recommended.

Can the itinerary be customized?

While the core itinerary is fixed, certain aspects can be customized based on your preferences. Contact us for more details.

How do I book the tour?

You can book the tour by contacting our representatives or through our website. A deposit is typically required to secure your spot.

Is tipping customary in Morocco?

Yes, tipping is a common practice in Morocco, especially for good service from guides, drivers, and staff.

How should I prepare for the tour?

Pack comfortable clothing, suitable footwear for walking, sun protection, and any personal items you may need. Familiarize yourself with the itinerary for a smooth journey.