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Morocco Travel Packages

Experience the Magic of Morocco:

Unforgettable Travel Packages Await

Escape to the enchanting land of Morocco and embark on a journey that will ignite your senses and leave an indelible mark on your soul. With our carefully curated Morocco Travel Packages, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes. From the bustling markets of Marrakech to the ancient ruins of Fes, Morocco offers a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern allure. Whether you yearn to explore the labyrinthine streets of the medina, indulge in tantalizing cuisine, or traverse the majestic Atlas Mountains, our expertly crafted itineraries ensure that every moment on your journey is brimming with amazement and fascination.

Delight in the warm hospitality of the locals, marvel at the intricate tile work of the ancient palaces and lose yourself in the vibrant colors of the Sahara Desert. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of Morocco

– book your unforgettable Travel Packages to Morocco today and let the adventure begin.

morocco royal tour
Royal Scale

Morocco Royal Tour

10 - 15 Days
Whole Morocco
Discover the Majestic Splendors of Morocco: A Royal Tour Fit for Kings and Queens.
(2 Reviews)
broad morocco tour
Most Popular

Broad Morocco

8 to 12 Days
Charming Cities and Desert
Charming Cities and Desert from 8 to 12 days This Moroccan itinerary highlights the best places in the country, such as Fez, the Sahara Desert, Marrakech and the Atlantic Coast.
(1 Review)
absolute morocco tour
Morocco Journey

Absolute Morocco

12 to 21 Days
Charming Cities and Desert
This itinerary takes you on an ultimate experience through Morocco`s Rif Mountains, Imperial Cities, Desert, mountains, and coast. It`s an onthego journey for an encompassing adventure of the nearly the whole country.
morocco imperial cities tour
5 Cities

Morocco Imperial Cities Tour

7 to 12 Days
Imperial Cities
Antique Cities and Markets
erg chegaga tour
4x4 off-road

Wild Sahara Desert

8 to 15 Days
Casablanca - Marrakech
Erg Chegaga Desert
Erg Chegaga Tour
kasbah tour
Best Seller

The Road of a Thousand Kasbah Tour

8 to 12 Days
Casablanca - Marrakech
Erg Chebbi Desert
The Road of a Thousand Kasbah & Erg Chebbi sand dunes
Chill-axing Adventure
Best Seller

Easy Travel

8 to 15 Days
Casablanca or Marrakech
Atlas Mt & Atlantic Ocean
Chill-axing Adventure

The Allure of Morocco:

What Makes it a Unique Destination

Morocco is a country that exudes a unique allure, captivating travelers with its diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history. From the moment you set foot in this enchanting land, you will be transported to a different world. One of the main draws of Morocco is its rich and diverse history. The country has been influenced by various civilizations, including the Berbers, Romans, Arabs, and French, resulting in a fascinating blend of cultures and traditions.

Morocco’s landscapes are equally captivating, offering everything from stunning beaches along the Atlantic coast to the rugged peaks of the Atlas Mountains. The Sahara Desert, with its sprawling sand dunes and breathtaking sunsets, is a must-visit destination for those seeking a truly unique experience. The country’s geographical diversity allows travelers to indulge in a wide range of activities, from hiking and camel trekking to surfing and relaxation on pristine beaches.

Top Attractions in Morocco

Morocco is home to a plethora of incredible attractions that will leave you in awe. One of the most iconic landmarks in the country is the city of Marrakech, known for its bustling souks, stunning palaces, and vibrant atmosphere. Lose yourself in the maze-like streets of the medina, where you’ll find a treasure trove of traditional crafts, spices, and textiles. Be sure to visit the famous Jardin Majorelle, a beautiful garden oasis that was once owned by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Another must-see destination in Morocco is the ancient city of Fes. Step back in time as you explore the narrow streets of the medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at the intricate tile work and architecture of the historic mosques and madrasas. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the tanneries, where leather is still produced using traditional methods.


Moroccan Cuisine

Embarking on a Moroccan adventure would be an unforgivable omission if one does not surrender to the seductive allure of its exquisite cuisine. Moroccan food is a delightful fusion of flavors, combining influences from Arabic, Berber, and Mediterranean cuisines. One of the most famous dishes is tagine, a slow-cooked stew made with meat, vegetables, and aromatic spices. Another must-try is couscous, a staple dish made from semolina grains, often served with a variety of vegetables and meat.

Prepare to be swept away on a gustatory journey as Morocco unravels its culinary tapestry, unveiling an irresistible array of delectable street food delights that will leave your taste buds dancing in ecstasy. Sample a variety of snacks, such as grilled meats, savory pastries, and flavorful dips. Don’t forget to try traditional Moroccan mint tea, which is a symbol of hospitality and is often served with a generous amount of sugar.

Planning Your Trip to Morocco:

Tips and Advice

Before embarking on your Moroccan adventure, it’s important to do some careful planning to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. Here are some tips and advice to help you make the most of your time in Morocco:
1. Visa Requirements: Check the visa requirements for your country of residence and make sure to obtain the necessary visas before traveling to Morocco.

2. Unlock the perfect window of enchantment in Morocco by aligning your voyage with the blissful embrace of spring or autumn. These ephemeral seasons gift you with a symphony of idyllic weather, where gentle breezes caress your soul and the radiant sun paints the landscapes in hues of pure ecstasy. Moreover, this ethereal timeframe grants you the treasured privilege of exploring this mesmerizing land while the clamor of tourist crowds recedes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Morocco undisturbed.

3. Embark on a profound journey through the heart of Morocco, where a tapestry of rich Islamic heritage and vibrant cultural traditions await your respectful embrace. As you traverse this captivating land, be guided by the gentle whispers of cultural sensitivity, adorning yourself in garments that exude modesty and reverence, particularly when graced by the sacred walls of religious sites. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of local customs and traditions, allowing their vibrant hues to paint your experience with authenticity and profound connection.

4. Health and Safety: It’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor before traveling to Morocco to ensure you are up to date with any necessary vaccinations. Take precautions to protect yourself against common travel illnesses, such as drinking bottled water and practicing good hygiene.

Choosing the Right Travel Package for

Your Morocco Adventure

With a wide range of travel packages available, choosing the right one for your Morocco adventure can seem overwhelming. Consider your interests and preferences, as well as the duration of your trip, when selecting a travel package. Here are some factors to consider:
1. City Exploration: If you’re interested in immersing yourself in Moroccan city life, opt for a travel package that allows you to explore the vibrant cities of Marrakech, Fes, and Casablanca. These packages often include guided tours of the main attractions and provide ample free time to explore on your own.
2. Desert Experience: For a truly unique experience, choose a travel package that includes a visit to the Sahara Desert. Spend a night under the stars in a traditional desert camp, go on a camel trek, and witness the breathtaking sunrise and sunset over the sand dunes.
3. Atlas Mountains Adventure: If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, consider a travel package that includes hiking or trekking in the Atlas Mountains. Marvel at the stunning landscapes, visit traditional Berber villages, and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Popular Travel Packages to Consider:

Exploring the Cities, Experiencing the Desert, and More

Popular Travel Packages to Consider: Exploring the Cities, Experiencing the Desert, and More
There are countless travel packages available for exploring Morocco, each offering a unique experience. here are some options to consider:
1. **Cities of Morocco**: This travel package takes you on a journey through the vibrant cities of Marrakech, Fes, and Casablanca. Explore the bustling souks, visit historic landmarks, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Morocco’s urban centers.
2. **Desert Escape**: Experience the magic of the Sahara Desert with this travel package. Spend a night in a traditional desert camp, go on a camel trek, and witness the stunning beauty of the sand dunes.
3. **Atlas Mountains Adventure**: Embark on a hiking and trekking adventure in the Atlas Mountains. Discover remote Berber villages, enjoy breathtaking views, and experience the tranquility of nature.

Moroccan Culture and Traditions

Morocco stands as an exquisite tapestry woven with threads of vibrant culture and timeless traditions. This enchanting country beckons you to immerse yourself in its captivating heritage, where every step unveils a new layer of captivating stories and ancient rituals. From the bustling markets to the ornate architectural marvels, Morocco invites you to delve into a world where the past dances gracefully with the present, creating a tapestry of experiences that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

The Moroccan people are known for their warm hospitality and welcoming nature. Here are some cultural aspects and traditions you may encounter during your visit:

1. **Traditional Clothing**: Traditional Moroccan clothing includes the djellaba, a long loose-fitting robe, and the kaftan, a more formal garment often worn on special occasions. Women may also wear a hijab or headscarf.
2. **Music and Dance**: Moroccan music and dance are an integral part of the country’s culture. The traditional music genre known as Gnawa is characterized by its hypnotic rhythms and captivating melodies. Belly dancing is also a popular form of entertainment in Morocco.
3. **Hammams**: A visit to a traditional Moroccan hammam is a must to experience the country’s spa culture. Hammams are public bathing houses where locals come to cleanse and relax. Treat yourself to a traditional Moroccan bath and massage for the ultimate pampering experience.

Safety Tips for

Traveling in Morocco

Morocco is generally a safe destination for travelers. Nevertheless, safeguarding your well-being should always remain a paramount concern, demanding unwavering attention and vigilant measures.

Here are some safety tips for traveling in Morocco:
1. **Stay Vigilant**: Like any other destination, it’s important to stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye on your belongings and avoid displaying valuable items in public.
2. **Use Reliable Transportation**: When traveling within Morocco, it’s best to use reliable and licensed transportation services. Avoid unmarked taxis and opt for reputable companies or prearranged transfers.
3. **Respect Local Customs**: Respect the local culture and customs by dressing modestly, especially when visiting religious sites, and be mindful of local traditions and customs.


Why Morocco Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Morocco emerges as a captivating haven that extends its arms to embrace every kind of wanderer, presenting a cornucopia of experiences tailored to suit the unique desires of every traveler. From its rich history and stunning landscapes to its vibrant cities and warm hospitality, it’s a country that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re exploring the bustling souks of Marrakech, traversing the vast Sahara Desert, or immersing yourself in the rich culture of Fes, Morocco is sure to ignite your senses and create unforgettable memories. Book your travel package today and let the magic of Morocco unfold before your eyes.

Customer Reviews

Reviews on Tripadvisor

  • What an amazing tour. If you want to experience a little bit of the Moroccan rural areas, book!
    It was exactly what we wanted to experience. An authentic and eye-opening market, with wonderful views & a day spent with Malika & her beautiful family cooking a Tajine.
    Our guide Zakaria was wonderful, prompt, knowledgeable, and charming. He had a great rapport with Malika and the family, which made the tour even better. 
    I highly recommend this traditional and authentic experience. It was a day of my travels I will always cherish. 

    Thank you again Zakaria & Malika

    Hannah P
    May 2023 • Family
  • Super knowledgeable. Gave people their undivided attention. Took us through the sukes, market, spice shop, defiantly shared a lot of history and gave us pointers about being a tourist in Merrakesh ( how to cross the street and negotiating in the sukes). It was the best decision I made to book this tour before venturing off on my own with my teenager. It was his first time traveling abroad so our tour made my son feel comfortable.

    private morocco tours
    Mommy and son trip-Marrakech
  • The tour was great! Jonas was excellent at showing us all the places worth seeing in Marrakech. Also, he gave us very useful information regarding history, culture, food, architecture, and where to eat or go afterward. I completely recommend the experience!

    what morocco is known for
    Feb 2022 • Friends
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