Private & Guided Morocco Tours

Morocco Tours vary from 2 days up to 21 days. It depends on how many days the tour will last for? What part of the country interests you more? as they are Private Morocco Tours, We can  start and end the tour in/from any city a costumer wants.
We look after every detail while you just relax and enjoy your Guided Morocco Tours. We are on the ground here in Morocco and we have a good encounters which allow you more access to hang out with locals everywhere you go. 

Enjoy your local Morocco Desert Tours with us! 

guided morocco tours

Why would you book your Morocco Desert Tours with us?

Our experience exceeds 10 years in the Moroccan Tourism field as drivers then guides. Also learned and understood how to make your  Private Morocco Tours as enjoyable as possible. Hence, all our itineraries are tailor made to suit your travel needs, number of days as well as your budget.

Our selection of accommodation has a good quality kasbah, Riads and hotels. Consequently, our experts are flexible to upgrade or downgrade accommodation, in order to meet your budget. You can also hire us just for driving & guiding you through your Morocco Tours.

Our vehicles are modern and stylish, 4X4 or Mercedes minivans, comfortable for both short and long journeys. They are fitted with the air-conditioning, leather seating, in car stereo and WiFi. With a first aid box available within the vehicle. Tourist transportation insurance covered and up to date at all times. Our English speaking drivers/guides All being mature, Moroccan family men with an outstanding knowledge of Moroccan Authentic culture, traditions and history.

We drive with due care and attention, and at all times complying with EU Road Safety Standards.

Morkosh Tours look forward organizing your next travel to Morocco, also exceed your expectations. Guide you, explain to you, also share with you the best of Morocco, while you are on our Guided Morocco Tours and Morocco Desert Tours.

We are ready to turn your Morocco travel into an amazing Berber experience.

Our Suggested Private & Guided Morocco Tours

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Charming Cities and Desert

8 - 12 DAYS

This Moroccan itinerary highlights the best places in the country, such as Fez, the Sahara Desert, Marrakech and the Atlantic Coast. Many companies are on this path, but only a few are successful. If you start (and end) in Malakesh, you can reverse this trip.

The Real Adventure

12 - 21 DAYS

This itinerary takes you on an ultimate experience through Morocco`s Rif Mountains, Imperial Cities, Desert, mountains, and coast. It`s an onthego journey for an encompassing adventure of the nearly the whole country.

Antique Cities and Markets

8 - 12 DAYS

Experience Morocco`s Imperial Cities in style. Venture deep into the Medina`s of Fez, Marrakesh, Rabat, and Meknes. Enjoy our handpicked boutique hotels, superb food, optional shopping in the souks, and lots of city exploration.

Wild Sahara Desert

Erg Chigaga Safari

8 - 15 DAYS

On this exciting journey, step into the pristine desert of Erg Chigaga, remote Morocco, through the Anti-Atlas Mountains and into less-explored beach towns for fishing and surfing.

Road of Thousand Kasbah

Erg Chebbi sand dunes

8 - 12 DAYS

Explore the Road of Thousand Kasbahs, Valleys oasis, and the huge sand dunes of Erg Chebbi Desert. Get to meet Berbers along the way and especially Nomads when we are in the Desert.  Enjoy your luxury private tent under the stars.

Morocc Imperial Cities Itinerary
Easy Travel

Chill-axing Adventure

8 - 15 DAYS

This itinerary is specially made for those who don’t want to be on the go, very relaxed tour leads you to Marrakech Medina, Atlas Mountains, Berber villages and the quite Essaouira beach town.

It goes without saying that the itineraries suggested on our website may not fit your travel schedule (or even your travel style!) Or you may already have several. Ideas on what to see and do in Morocco.

You didn’t find your preferred Tours yet? please let us know. At least, we offer sound and genuine advice about the kingdom of Morocco, as well as recommendations on the itinerary. 

We will be happy to set up a call.

At Morkosh Tours, we get a lot of questions about Morocco all the time. We try to keep this list up to date so you can understand the way how we organize Private tours. We set ourselves apart from many other Morocco tour operators and pride on our dedicated staff and in-depth knowledge of the country. Learn how you can customize your tour to have an experience tailored to your travel needs. Read these common questions we get as our answers can help you decide if we’re the best tour operator for you! 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

At Morkosh Tours, we organize private, personalized, and guided tours in Morocco for visitors from all over the world. 
We design each itinerary by your side. The end result is highly personalized to match your travel dates, preferences, and travel style.
Our trips are flexible and tailored to the experience you want. 

We work hard to balance your time to include independent exploration with interesting guided tours if available or needed. So you can explore on your own if you want and always have a professional driver or guide with you when needed.

We have new Mercedes-Benz Vito minivans that we use for most of the private trips we take. These vans can accommodate up to 4-6 adults comfortably. When a group reaches six or more, we tend to use the minibus, which can comfortably seat 12-17 people. For more remote or idyllic areas (and for some routes), we have new Toyota Landcruiser 4x4s for us to use on tour.

After many years in the field, we have found a balance between driver and guide that we believe works well. Basically, your driver is more than just a driver. He is your host and confidant. And, we consider our drivers the best in the country. Many of them have advanced English degrees. They are with you to keep you safe on the road, answer any cultural questions you may have, and simply act as key to local and regional cultures you will come.

 Our guides are located in the areas where you will need them most. In Fes and Marrakech, you’ll have a certified city guide for at least a day to show you the old sites. Then in other areas, you will meet our local area guides (who we call coordinators in some cases) who will take you to their villages, share their homes and enlighten you about their area in the country. 

This balance really means you have experts when needed and time for independent exploration when possible and helpful.

Since tourism is such an important part of Morocco’s economy, tipping has become a common practice in the country. A 10% tip is common to many services, including service industry workers. Please tip your driver if you are satisfied with his service. A compilation of tips in Morocco for porters, housekeepers, and others you will meet along the way is provided when you book a private Morocco Tours with us.

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    We hope that when planning your personalized Morocco trip, you can use our website as a useful reference. We have all kinds of information to share with you about Morocco! Enjoy learning and please check out our blog for more information, articles, and videos to help you prepare for your Tour in Morocco. This information, along with other details, will be sent to you in a package prior to the start of your stay in Morocco.

    Introduction to Morocco

    Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with King Mohammed VI in power since 1999. The monarchy comes with strong security and various branches of the royal family, military, tourism, and local police. Overall, Morocco is a safe country for tourists.

    For women, it is wise to dress modestly. Avoid wearing clothes that are too short, slit, tight, or revealing. Literacy rates are below 50% for women, and unemployment is generally high. The current education system is still backward, backward, and conservative.

    Morocco is a very masculine society. You will notice, especially in rural areas, that men run businesses and sit in cafes while women work at home or in the fields. Much of Morocco still lives in the countryside. Morocco is a liberal Muslim country but still conservative in some respects. You will see many mosques and tall rectangular minarets in every village, town, and city. The call to prayer can be heard 5 times a day, reminding Muslims to practice prayer. When you pass a mosque, be respectful. You can look inside, but don’t go inside. If you are praying, avoid taking pictures.

    Most Moroccan women do not wear all black dresses and veils. They wear a long, colorful hooded robe, known as a djellaba, and a headscarf, or Western clothing. You’ll also see men in djellabas but in more subdued colors. Family is very important to Moroccans and in most cases is the main priority. Many families are large and include extended families. The main couple can have their own bedroom; otherwise, the whole family would sleep on sofas spread across the living room.

    The greeting is very important. Always say ‘ Salam ‘ hello when you walk in and say goodbye when you leave. It’s considered rude if you don’t. Many Moroccans, especially in the countryside, don’t like being photographed, so ask for permission before doing so.

    Islam is a widely practiced religion in Morocco. It is a monotheistic religion based on the revelation and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. This official religion dates back to the 7th century. Muslims believe that God revealed the holy book, the Quran, to Muhammad, thus supplementing the previous monotheistic beliefs of Judaism and Christianity.

    Ramadan is the Muslim holy month in which all followers of Islam must abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, and having sex from sunrise to sunset. This observance is intended to purify the body and soul and to remind Muslims of the plight of the poor. The fast is broken after the sunset prayer. At this time, Muslims break their fast by praying and then having a “ftor” breakfast with their families. The Islamic calendar is the lunar calendar adopted by many Muslim countries. It is 11 days shorter than the solar-based Gregorian calendar. In Morocco, most things follow the Gregorian calendar.

    When is the best time to Travel to Morocco ?

    The best time to travel to Morocco is whenever you get the chance! In fact, for the weather, the best time to visit the country is spring (March-early June). Otherwise, September and October also tend to be great (but not green) times

    The busiest times of the year are during Easter week and the Christmas break (along with May and October). The first two weeks of June and November are another tourist time that isn’t as busy, but worth it. For all higher stages, we recommend organizing your personalized tour of Morocco at least three to six months in advance. During certain times of the year, it can be difficult to accommodate more last-minute requests, although we’ll try. And we also received inquiries about Ramadan trips to Morocco.

    Do not hesitate to read our article about Ramadan in Morocco for more information about this travel period. While many may suggest avoiding travel during Ramadan, we offer a different perspective. For those looking for cultural immersion, Ramadan is a great opportunity!

    What is the weather like in Morocco?

    Morocco is a cold country with hot sun! It’s a mantra to live when visiting. The weather for your trip will largely depend on the time of year you want to travel. Morocco’s landscape is as diverse as the climate. Temperatures along the coast range from 12c/54f to 25c/77f in winter and summer, respectively. However, you can expect much warmer inland temperatures and much colder temperatures in the High Atlas and Middle Atlas mountain ranges. Although it is a relatively dry country, there is a chance of rain in the northern regions and snow in the mountains during winter and early spring. Marrakech is the hottest city in Morocco with temperatures reaching 54c/13f in the summer.

    Should I purchase trip insurance for my travel to Morocco?

    In the modern world of travel, you should have travel insurance for your personalized trip to Morocco. We recommend purchasing cancellation and interruption health insurance that will cover you in the event of an emergency during your trip. Once you’ve booked an excursion with our company, we’ll send you details on some of the insurance companies our previous clients have recommended for their trip.