You’re reading this because you probably need to know the reasons to visit Morocco?

Besides it’s close location to Europe and the fact that it has strong ties historically to Europe countries. Morocco has been one of the best tourist destinations worldwide for the last 10 years.
The Morocco Cultural diversity of this north African country doesn’t cease to amaze it’s visitors. From the Sahara Desert and Tuareg growing Camels and sleeping tents to the European Mediterranean cost, passing by Atlas Mountains homeland of the native Berber communities. For the monuments and museum lovers, Imperial cities such as Fez, Meknes, Rabat and Marrakesh citing old Castle, Sultan’s gardens and Koranic Mederssa. Along with Marrakesh which was nominated a U.N.I.S.C.O world heritage back in 1985. Draw to your attention the Roman Ruins ‘Volubilis’ and old cities ( Medina). As a result, we can say that Morocco is a place worth and should be on your travel list.

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Reasons to visit Morocco

Here are reasons to visit morocco

Why Should i visit morocco

Morocco is a country located in the north west of Africa, which makes it the nearest Berber, Arab and African country to Europe, and It is around 2 hours fly.
There are a lot of things must to see and to do in Morocco; Such as the Sahara Desert for those loving to camp and to ride Camels, Atlas Mountains for those keen to chill out or hike as well as a beautiful 2 cost lines Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean. Check out more reasons to visit Morocco!!!

reasons to visit morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

Morocco is worth visiting in all four seasons, wow Sun-shining all year around. it could be a bit rainy in the north during the winter and very hot during the summer.

The best time for Marrakesh and south : All year around.

The best time for whole Morocco is Spring ( March, April and May) as well as Fall (September, October and November).

reasons to visit morocco

Best places to visit morocco

Morocco has so much to offer, it looks small on the map but it has a lot of places and wide diverse landscapes with a different cities and Medinas
Marrakesh is the Tourism capital and the most chosen holiday base for the new comers. It is more Berber and African. 
Fez is the Culture capital and it is the second most visited city after Marrakech. It is more Andalusian and Arabian.
Sahara Desert which Morocco has the best section of it, full of incredible oasis with palm trees and a huge soft sand dunes.
Atlantic and Mediterranean Cost Lines Fascinating wild cliffs and beaches, suitable for all sea sports and hubbies.

reasons to visit morocco

Marrakech Main Square


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Far from the touristy restaurants, shops and traps around Marrakesh the Paradise Valley day trip Starts at 7am, pick up from your accommodation in Marrakesh for a 2hours and a half journey to get to Agadir by the highway, picture stop in (Agadir Oufela) highest panoramic view over the city. Stop at the local market to select fresh ingredients for the Tagine..