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Morocco Culture is the richest Arab, Berber and Africa mix. Morocco has been assuming the part of the transitional amongst Europe and Africa, and in addition the Middle East and West. Morocco is situated in the north west of Africa, 10 miles of the Mediterranean ocean far from Spain.
Berbers were the principal occupants of Morocco before the Romans and the Arabs came. They are called Berbers, after the Romans as in their way of life everybody does not talk or articulate the Latin dialect is considered as a Berber, Barbar, Barbarian or Barbarus…etc, contingent upon the neighborhood highlight.

Morocco Culture is alive from over 1400 years, and it is exceptionally assorted from North to South, East to West. Moroccan dialects are the most spoken in the country. We speak 9 dialects and are somewhat comparable, blended out of Berber, Arabic, French, Spanish, and African, nonetheless, Arabic is the native language and French is the second one.

Religions in Morocco culture

The majority of Moroccans are Muslims, although Islam is the official religion. The kingdom of Morocco is considered such as the most liberal country, as freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitutional right. Before moving to Israel Jews were the second largest religion in Morocco.

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