Paradise Valley Agadir Day Trip


Far from the touristy restaurants, shops and traps around Marrakesh. The Paradise Valley Agadir day trip Starts at 7 am, pick up from your accommodation in Marrakesh, for a 2hours and a half journey to get to Agadir by the highway. Picture stop in (Agadir Oufela) highest panoramic view over the city. Stop at the local market to select fresh ingredients for the Tagine which is going to be made locally at the Berber house above an open fire. 40 min drive to get to the nearest place to park the car and walk for 10 min. An incredible oasis deep in the Atlas mountains called ‘Paradise Valley Agadir. Getting time to get the morning refreshments. Mint tea accompanied with fresh bread cooked in Berber wooden fire oven, called Tafernout. Olives oil, Amlou pest ( Almonds, Argane oil and honey)are served. We drop the ingredients for the lunch at the Berber house. Optional Berber Tagine cooking class and bread bake. Otherwise they make it for us, while we go deeper on the valley.

The Paradise Valley Agadir has freshwater waterfalls, palm trees and a perfect swimming spots. The people wet the rocks and used them as water slides. You would enjoy a swim, cliff jumping and a sun bake… After the swim we head back to a Berber house where we had dropped off the ingredients earlier. Whilst we were swimming the owner of the house have made us a Tagine (Lamb, Chicken or Vegetables tagine at your request) using our ingredients and some amazing spices. We will be in the middle of nowhere, eating at a locals house. It is a humbling experience. It is a private vehicle solely for you and your parties use and we include mineral water for every passenger. We hope that you will feel comfortable and enjoy your time with us, and we will do our very best to make you feel like VIPs.

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