Ouzoud Waterfalls are the biggest one in Morocco. If you really want to visit a Morocco waterfall? this is the best choice as the other waterfalls trips lead to a small tiny water leak instead of those huge Ouzoud waterfalls.


Ouzoud waterfalls day trip start from Marrakesh for 2 hours and a half journey north east of Marrakesh, a natural high attraction invites you to its discovery. These cascades Ouzoud, a true gem of nature decorated with rainbow almost permanent rush from a height of 330 feet in a limestone basin surrounded by lush vegetation. It is possible to swim at the foot of waterfalls, accessible by a path fraught with shady trees. At the top of the chute, close to the abyss impressive, are a dozen antique small grain mills, still in business thanks to the torrent of water. At twilight, we can see whole families of monkeys in the carob trees (scientific name : Ceratonia Siliqua) these great tasting fruit trees which they love.
Through this tour you can enjoy a pleasant landscape between the plain and the High Atlas Mountains, Fresh different Tagines locally made as well as a very good insight of the Moroccan Nature.

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