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Drawing from Arab, Berber, Jewish, African and French customs. Morocco Berber cuisine is generally perceived and gives a sound eating routine. Morocco is home to a plenitude of privately developed crisp nourishment, because of the magnificent atmosphere year round and a shrewd water system. Utilized with an innovative scope of flavors, herbs, and oils, the maker makes a particular scope of top notch suppers including Tajines, Couscous, Salads and level bread. A meander around a souk gives you a feeling of the huge scope of fresh vegetables and natural products accessible to Moroccan families and culinary specialists for the best Berber Cooking Class Marrakech.

Berber Cooking Class ideally to be gone up on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, to experience the Berber weekly market. You encounter the cooking from the beginning to the end. From buying the spices and fresh produce at the weekly market to enjoying the meal while soaking in the lush mountains and village life surrounding you. The Trip Starts at 9 am, pick up from your accommodation. Head to the Weekly Market to select fresh ingredients (meat, vegetables… Depends on what you want to cook Tagine or couscous) by yourself as locals.

Explore the beautiful Ourika Valley. You will have an opportunity to visit the women cooperative (where the women make Moroccan oil and herbs part), as well as many stops for pictures.

We join a real Berber Family in their house. The Berber cooking class is run by Malika the Grandmother of the Family. An experienced cook whose trade secrets have passed down her family for generations. English speaking driver/guide, will do the translation to English and will be assisting the cooking class.

Taking a Berber cooking class with us: You learn about the techniques of traditional local cooking. How to make mint tea, how to make Moroccan bread, how to cook it in a traditional oven above a wooden fire, and how to milk a cow…). Our cooking class provides a wealthy source of information in Moroccan cuisine, cooking methods, and spices. Dishes are cooked in traditional earthenware Tajines on a Majmar, a charcoal burning brazier.

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