Morocco Language

DarijaMorocco Language

Morocco Language is influenced by the country history and culture.
The most spoken Morocco languages are : Moroccan Dialect or Darija, Berber, Classical Arabic,  and French.
This variety of languages comes after the rich diversity of the Kingdom of Morocco.
The country is a beautiful blend of Africa, Middle east and European culture.

Although the official language is a classical Arabic. ‘Darija’ Moroccan Dialect is the one that is mainly spoken.
Darija is inspired by Arabic, French, Berber and Spanish.
After the Imperialism and colonization era, most of Moroccans became bilingual, using Spanish in the north and French in the rest of the country.
Morocco is a member of the Franco-phony.
Lately in the first years 21st century, Moroccan Citizens especially students, became more aware to learn English and the interest about this language is increasing. 

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Darija Morocco Language

Morocco has a rich history which starts by the Berbers, who has been the first inhabitants before the Romans and Arabs came.
Berbers speak a Berber Language which is considered the authentic language of the country.
The Morocco language Berber is a proper writing language and not just dialect. People think that the Berber language is similar to the old Greek or Hebrew.
Berber language is very different to Arabic however they sound a like.
Berbers are very proud to speak their own language, however everyone speaks the Morocco Dialect Darija which is the main one. 

 Morocco language Darija is a nice mix of Berber, Arabic and French. It would have many French words on it but pronounced differently to suit the local accent.
For example : Automobile in French = Tomobila in Darija, ça suffit in French = Safi in Darija. it such a simple French version for Arabs and Berbers accents.